There are many kinds of swimhats on the market and choice is made through comfort and what role you require them to fulfil.

Firstly consider what you need a swimming hat for:

Is it to protect your hair from chlorine  whilst swimming?

Do you want to wear something tight and streamlined to help you move faster through the water?

Have you or your children been requested to wear a hat for their swimming lessons and are therefore looking for comfort and value?

Do you swim in the sea or open water and require a hat to keep you warm against cold temperatures?

It is important to remember though, swimming hats are NOT made to keep your hair dry whilst swimming. It is true, hair will not be as wet with some hat styles but no swimming hat will keep your hair completely dry!


Lycra and polyester hats

Lycra and polyester hats are a good choice if you are mainly choosing a hat for comfort reasons. The fabric is soft and will not pull or catch on your hair, they are also stretchy enough to put on easily. These hats are also a good choice for children simply requiring a hat for lessons. However, these hats are not waterproof and your hair will become completely wet whilst swimming.


Silicone hats

Silicone hats are the most popular hat on the market. They are strong and durable and give a streamlined and secure fit. The tight fit prevents too much water getting under the hat, therefore they will keep your hair relatively dry and protected as far as possible against the effects of chlorine on your hair. Silicone hats are ideal for regular swimmers whether you swim for training or fitness, their streamlined tight fit makes them equally suitable for competition swimming. Silicone hats come in different sizes and moulded to accommodate long hair or comfort over the ears.


Specialist hats

For those of you who swim in the sea or open water, for example triathlon swimmers, neoprene or thermal swimming hats are readily available and designed to keep your head warm in cold conditions. These hats are designed to keep your head warm and insulated in open water and cold conditions, they are not recommended for swimming in a heated pool environment.

Bubble caps are less known but they are made from Latex rubber and have a great retro look. These swim caps are particularly useful for those with  long hair as they fit more generously than a silicone hat and are very comfortable to wear. The ‘bubbles’ are filled with air which, along with the thicker latex material, makes them warm enough for open water and sea swimming. The size of the hats will usually cover your ears which helps with warmth in open water swimming and blocking out noise.


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