Learning to swim?

Are you or your child learning to swim? If so, knowing what equipment you will need can be daunting. Follow our handy guide below to help you invest in the equipment you need.

Beginner lessons
If you or your child are new to swimming you will need very little equipment for your first lessons. You will need a suitable swimming costume, a towel and a pair of goggles.

We advise you see our guides to which goggles and suitable swimwear on the relevant pages of our catalogue, they will help you choose the right equipment from the start!

Level one up to swimming club level
Once you progress beyond complete beginner, you may require more equipment for your lessons.
If it is your child who is swimming, they may need bigger or ‘more grown up goggles’ – see our section on goggles for our guide to quality goggles.

You may be requested to purchase a swim hat – although some clubs will provide these in order to separate abilities through hat colour.
If you are required to provide your own, we have a guide in our swim hat section, detailing the differences in swim hat materials, to help you choose the most suitable type for you.

With COVID 19, many centres are no longer providing floats for swimmers to use, therefore you may prefer to purchase your own. In our catalogue below we offer a selection of suitable floats to purchase for use at this level.

Swim club level, competition and training – and beyond
Once you reach swimming club level, you will be expected to provide equipment and floats for use during training.
To begin with you will likely need the following:
A swimming hat + a kickboard + pull buoy + and a mesh bag to carry it onto poolside, suitable goggles, swimsuit and at least one towel.
In our ‘Learn to Swim’ section and our ‘Swim Training Aids’ section you will find equipment that you require.

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