Why purchase a specialist swimming bag?

Bags are an essential piece of equipment for any athlete and swimmers are no exception. Although swimming appears to be a sport that requires minimal equipment, there are a few essential items you will need to carry with you all the time.
Bags need to carry equipment required plus spares, clothing, food and snacks for competition. In addition, much of this equipment will be wet from the pool so your bag needs to be able to accommodate this and be able to dry out in between sessions.

There are a wide variety of styles on the market designed to cater specifically for the aquatic athlete and we have created a basic guide to our favourite styles below.

Swim backpacks

Backpacks are a favourite amongst swimmers and for good reason. They are larger than a regular backpack to hold towels, clothing, equipment and snacks in addition to fins, floats and pull buoys.
They are arranged with a variety of handy pockets and pouches to keep your equipment organised and have sections to hold wet gear and help to prevent mildew.
A rubberised bottom and waterproof material helps keep equipment protected and dry on poolside.
Due to their amount of space and easy carrying they are the first choice for swimmers of all age groups, serious lap training swimmers and competitive swimmers alike.

Mesh bags

Many swimmers use a mesh bag to carry their training equipment onto poolside. These bags are designed to be in a wet environment so will be used to carry floats, fins, paddles, kick boards and any other equipment you will need to use whilst in the water.
Many of these mesh bags have pockets to hold water bottles and/or goggles and swim hats.
These bags are not waterproof and therefore are not designed to carry items that need to remain dry such as clothing or towels.

It may seem unnecessary to purchase a bag or bags for swimming but a specialist bag to carry and protect all your equipment is a very worthwhile investment and will save a lot of headaches in the future.

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