Which goggles to choose?
Goggles are very much a personal choice and comfort levels are not equal for everyone!

That said, there are a few guidelines to bear in mind when choosing goggles, particularly for children and new swimmers.

Child Goggles

When you put ‘goggles for kids’ into the Amazon search bar you literally see thousands of options – how do you know which to choose?

Obviously your child needs to like the goggles otherwise they simply wont wear them or they will not feel comfortable or confident in them and then they will not want to swim.

From our experience of teaching children over the years and seeing many, many different types and brands of goggles used, two similar types of goggles from two well known brands consistently stand out well from any other goggle in the market place – Zoggs Children Little Twist and Speedo Baby Sea Squad.

Both of these goggles have the same, which is invaluable as your child can adjust them themselves if necessary, vital with current distancing rules and can be found under our ‘Kids Goggles’ section.

From lessons and beyond

Once your child gets older they are going to want a more grown up goggle. As mentioned, goggles are very much a personal choice but there are many excellent goggles on the market without you having to pay a fortune.

We have found mirrored goggles to be extremely popular and they look cool on nearly everyone!

We have a selection of goggles we have tried ourselves or have excellent ratings and reviews in our ‘Mirrored Goggles’ section.

Serious swimmers and open water swimmers

Again, once you progress from lessons, child goggles and require a goggle that is more serious for hours of training, competition or open water there are many specialist goggles available.

In our ‘Training Goggles’ section we offer goggles for the more serious swimmer and specialist goggles for open water swimmers.